MORE details have come to light of a man whose public indecency will see him sentenced in Worcester.

We previously reported how Simon Burnley, of Northfield Street Worcester, pleaded guilty to incidents of public indecency which took place on March 29 and March 24 this year.

However, he also indicated guilty pleas to a number of further offences, including dropping his trousers in a public car park and displaying pornographic images in a stairwell.

The 46 year-old appeared via video-link at Worcester Magistrates Court on April 30 charged with public indecency as well as drug possession.

The first set of charges relate to an incident on March 29 this year in Spring Gardens, Worcester, when the 46 year-old was seen masturbating.

The second charge relates to the same day, when he had cannabis resin in his possession in the same location.

Burnley indicated a guilty plea to these offences, and will appear again in court on May 27 after the case was adjourned for a pre-sentencing report.

He also indicated guilty pleas to exposing his genitals, intending for someone to see them, in Worcester on April 24 this year.

On the same day, he also had cannabis in his possession.

Having originally pleaded not guilty to exposing his genitals, he changed his plea to an indicated guilty plea, and the case was also adjourned to May 27.

On top of this, he was also charged with dropping his trousers in a public car park in Worcester on March 20 this year, as well as displaying pornographic material in a stairwell on March 28.

He indicated guilty pleas to both of these, as well as a third charge of cannabis possession, also on March 28.

He also indicated guilty pleas to another count of publicly exposing his genitals in Worcester, this time on April 21, as well as possession of cannabis on April 21, another possession of cannabis on April 22, and possession of amphetamine on April 22.

The case was adjourned until May 27 so a pre-sentencing report can be prepared for magistrates.

Burnley is being remanded in custody until that date, with the court taking the view that he is likely to re-offend before then.