THE vaccination programme continues at pace and people in the 40s are now being asked to come forward to get a jab.

The majority of the county population has now had at least one dose and numbers of second jabs go up by the day.

It’s really important to get a vaccination if you are asked – this means that more people will have the confidence to go out again – shopping, eating out and returning to gyms and playing outdoor sport.

This has all been delivered by the amazing NHS but also supported by the incredible efforts of those working at Worcestershire County Council and I want to put on record my thanks for their hard work.

This week people are voting – in a Covid-safe way with their own pencils and I have been out supporting my party’s excellent candidates in the county council election as well as supporting John Campion who has worked impressively as our local Police and Crime Commissioner.

I’ve been knocking on doors and heard strong levels of support for the councillors at County Hall, led by Simon Geraghty. I’ve had some really helpful feedback on local issues and I’ve taken up cases on local speeding issues directly.

As well as the standout response to the pandemic, the county council has delivered some impressive results in the last four years – the Worcestershire Parkway station, the Carrington Road bridge dualling, the Upton Marina road project to name a few.

And as someone who drives regularly across Worcestershire and other counties, I can report that the work to fill potholes here is much better than neighbouring areas.

Schools, housing, roads – all important issues on the door step and the county council has done great work over the last four years.