ONE of Worcester's most prominent companies has taken an unexpected turn, producing a children's book.

Worcester Bosch has published "A Robot Called B4" to try to inspire young people in the city on sustainability.

The audiobook, read by well-known TV and radio presenter Angellica Bell, is available now on Kobo and Soundcloud with hard copies available via the Worcester Bosch website.

A Robot Called B4 tells the story of Alfie and Ava, two children who discover a robot in the shed of Alfie’s new house.

Little do they know, the robot can travel through time and takes Alfie and Ava along on an adventure to the prehistoric era where dinosaurs lurk at every turn.

Marvelling at the natural beauty of the prehistoric landscape, Alfie and Ava realise what we have lost in time gone by and the harm we are now doing to our planet.

Upon returning to the present, the children pledge to better look after our planet to preserve all its wonders for future generations to come.

Victoria Billings, director of marketing at Worcester Bosch, said: "We hope that A Robot Called B4 will provide some fun and enjoyment for the young reader as well as reinforce what they learn at school and encourage them to think about how they can improve sustainability at home.

"We’ve all experienced in these last 12 months how important family time and education at home has been, and our wish is to make the sustainability topic more fun and accessible for families to share.

"Whether you select the hard copy to read, or listen to the audio book, we hope that our brand purpose of Warming Lives and Protecting our Future shines through the adventures of Alfie, Ava and B4."

The book forms part of a new campaign by Worcester Bosch which is designed to bring families closer together through reading and help to educate children on the importance of caring for the planet.

As part of the campaign, Worcester Bosch has also launched a children’s writing competition with the winner’s entry being developed into a second book later in 2021.

Angellica Bell, A Robot Called B4’s audiobook narrator, added: "This is such a charming, adventurous story with an incredibly important message.

"As a mother of young children, I’m acutely aware of the importance of protecting our planet, and this book is a brilliant way to help educate our future generations about some of the big environmental issues we are facing.

"I really believe encouraging children to read is so vital to help them formulate opinions and articulate how they feel, especially on this subject.

"This is a great book for all the family to enjoy and discuss together."

A Robot Called B4 is available to order via the Worcester website at, and an audiobook narrated by well-known children’s TV presenter Angellica Bell can be streamed for free on Soundcloud: