A 54-year-old man is due to stand trial today accused of assaulting two ambulance workers.

James Pratt of Park Close, Malvern is due to appear today at Worcester Crown Court for the first day of his trial which is being heard by Judge Martin Jackson. John Brotherton is set to appear for the prosecution and Jason Aris for the defence. The attacks are alleged to have happened on September 8, 2019, one against paramedic Nathan Walford and the other against senior ambulance technician Tom Haunton. Both attacks are said to have taken place while they were at work and performing their functions as ambulance service workers.

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A series of trial assessments is due to take place in court three, cases heard by Judge James Burbidge QC. These include the cases of David Cornbill, Baboucarr Huma, Steven Scarratt and Denzi Grimes.

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