THE Liberal Democrats in Malvern have confirmed their county candidates to stand in Malvern in May's elections.

Jack Satterthwaite - Chase

A resident of Barnards Green Road, Jack Satterthwaite serves on Malvern Town Council and said his priorities are around the environment and climate change.

He said: The Tories' inaction on this crucial issue is a major reason I am standing for the county council.

"I am passionate about the environment and tackling climate change as the council has failed to declare a climate emergency.

Dee Tomlin - Link Division

A Malvern resident who runs her own business, Dee Tomlin has served previously as a councillor.

During the pandemic, she has used her experience to help residents and sees her priorities as children and young people's mental health.

She said: "Local people need someone who will listen to them and ensure they get the best and most cost-effective services.

"The county council’s poor record on climate change, active travel, and poor transport links must change. These are important issues that affect the lives of local people."

Paul Bennett - Langland

A serving district councillor, Paul Bennett has worked in accommodation for students at Worcester University and is currently working on a plan to develop a "Shires National Park".

This would see the Malverns, Forest of Dean and Wye Valley AONB combined.

He said: "I am committed to raising social housing standards and want to see the development of a brand new University and NHS teaching hospital this side of the Severn and more quality skills training for young people to increase their chances of a job locally."

Clifford Hobbs - Croome

Clifford Hobbs was brought up in Upton and trained in Malvern as an engineer before working around the country and abroad before returning to Worcestershire around 20 years ago.

His priorities are ensuring high quality and cost-effective public services.

He said: "I want more open discussion about the right balance between the types and number of homes needed locally and maintaining a healthy and biodiverse environment.

"Poor planning has led to too many homes on flood plains and new homes are still being built to inadequate insulation standards and with no electric car chargers, both of which will hinder vital progress towards carbon neutrality over the next few decades.

"For too long the complacent Conservative County Council has had no effective opposition which has led to appalling standards in Adult Social Care and a lack of any clear strategy to support the fight against climate change."

Richard Whitehead - Trinity

Another current district councillor, Richard Whitehead has been a Malvern resident for the last 12 years.

He is a specialist in dyslexia, ADHD and autism and runs a private company operating in the UK, Europe, Middle East and India training people to provide interventions based on respect for the talents people with learning difficulties often have.

His priorities are based around emphasising creativity in local schools.

He said: "Based on my wide experience in education, I want to see a greater emphasis on creativity in all our schools.

"I am passionate about the environment, particularly the need to reduce waste, an issue where Worcestershire currently has a poor record."

Jed Marson - Hallow

Jed Marson has lived in Sinton Green, Shoulton and Hallow for nearly 40 years, the only candidate to live in Hallow County Division.

He and his wife brought 3 daughters through primary at Grimley, then Chantry. He and his eldest daughter still care for her now elderly ponies.

Mr Marson's priorities are all based around transitioning the economy to sustainability for future generations.

He expects new autonomous electric and hydrogen vehicles, many already coming down in price and available today, others seen in concept, to provide personalised private and public transport in cities and towns, reaching rural communities with suitable good quality local roads everywhere.

He said: “This will all mean better than mere survival: it will improve our health and wellbeing.

"We’re more conscious of work-life balance post pandemic. Let's grab lessons learnt."

David Mead - Tenbury

David Mead and his wife have lived in Malvern for 23 years. He is an engineer by profession, but having spent his working life in manufacturing, his focus now is on transport.

He said; "I see climate change as the great challenge of our times and we must rapidly de-carbonise many aspects of our lives.

"There is much more the County council should be doing in this area and I want to be able to push it to move much faster."

He is both a volunteer on and a Trustee of the Severn Valley railway. He also advises a small hill railway in Darjeeling North East India (now a World Heritage Site) and has founded a small charity to help improve educational facilities in the area around the railway.