A FORMER Malvern woman who has formed her own successful non-profit conservation organisation is celebrating after making a global firm take down products.

Alice Cimino, who grew up in Malvern is the founder of the Oceankin conservation organisation which has set out to to spread awareness and provide education about the realities oceans and sharks are faced with.

And the former St James' school pupil has recently won a battle against Amazon after getting them to take down baby sharks in bottles that were on its US website.

But the former actress, who splits her time between England and America, said it was "just the start" planning to take on other online giants selling shark products, including Amazon that she says still have shark teeth for sale on their site in the US.

"They were selling endangered spiny dogfish sharks in bottles which had sadly become an ocean souvenir for many people," the 32-year-old said.

"The sharks are endangered and are at great risk within Europe because they are often used in fish and chip shops, disguised as cod.

"They also sell mako shark teeth. They are endangered but you can also buy bags of teeth to make jewellery, which is absolutely horrendous.

"Amazon actually removed the sharks in the bottles earlier this month, which is great news, however they are being difficult about the shark teeth so I'm trying to get the finally push to get those down."

Ms Cimino is currently studying to be a marine biology, after deciding to follow her lifelong passion and set up the organisation.

"I would go on holiday with my family as my dad was incredibly passionate about the water and oceans," she said.

"He brought me my first book about sharks when I was nine, so I always had this obsession with the ocean.

"I was an actor for 15 years but I just thought what am I doing, I don't need to be an actress I need to be a marine scientist."

Her organisation can be found at oceankinconservation.com or visit oceankin_conservation.

Amazon did not respond to our request for comment.