ANOTHER of this summer's county council candidates has launched his campaign.

Daniel Walton is standing to be the independent county councillor for Hallow in the May 6 poll.

He said: "The Hallow division spans the area of Malvern Hills I know best and work in daily.

"I am already a District Councillor for Broadheath Ward which is covered by this County Division having been elected there by an overwhelming majority in 2019 – replacing a long line of Conservative councillors – after people realised having someone local who can speak up for them works better than someone who must follow a party line.

"The business I established 10 years ago, OLPRO – employing 19 people from the area - is based in Shrawley and as well as having lived in Martley for ten years all of my Children have attended Grimley Primary and The Chantry School, where I am also a Governor and love supporting the school how ever I can.

"Having been an extremely hard-working District Councillor for the last two years the constant block to getting the best for our villages is not having a link to County Council and having a County Council that does not look after the best interests of villages across my ward. I recognise that our villages are losing their identity because of this.

"Residents across Broadheath ward, in the villages of Rushwick, Broadwas, Cotheridge and Lower Broadheath will all attest that I have always done that – even through the pandemic. It’s as simple as that – the villages across this division need a hard-working Councillor in County Hall representing them who will fight to get things done.

"As an Independent I am not influenced by any party politics and the only views and opinions I take to the Council are that of residents as I’ve done as a District Councillor.

"We have areas of road and footpaths that are long overdue for repair, we have drainage issues across the villages that gone un-dealt with for years and a road infrastructure that’s overwhelmed by the number of new houses and all of our villages have issues with speeding which has bene long overlooked.

"The number of houses being pushed on us by Westminster won't be fought back by party politicians in County Hall. It needs an Independent to be the people's voice.

"I’ve fought for the future of Children’s Centres when the County Council closed them, and I’ve fought for Adult social care.

"We need to support our most vulnerable in society more than ever. We need to support young people now more than ever.

"By electing an independent Councillor who can represent you in Malvern Hills and County Hall we can get what is needed done across Hallow Division.