A CHARITY helping veterans find their way at the end of their career has extended its service to Malvern.

Stepway, which helps veterans find a route back into civilian life, has been helped with the move by Malvern's Salvation Army as well as local councillor and Navy veteran Martin Allen.

Cllr Allen welcomed the news the charity, led by Dawn Turner, is now in the town, saying: "I am so glad that Stepway have made it to Malvern, I have been asking for them to come here for quite a long time and it was the generosity of the Salvation Army in Newtown Road Malvern that made it possible.

"I was aware that there were veterans who struggle to travel due to illness of one form or another and by Stepway coming to them it gives them a real chance to get help and move forward in their lives.

"This is free to Veterans and I want all of them to know that help is there if needed.

"When I left the Navy in 1989 there was little or no help and I found it very hard to adapt for the first couple of years.

"Simply by these men and women coming together it gives them a chance to make new friendships where they live and support each other while learning new skills.

"Dawn and her team should be justly proud of themselves for stepping in when successive governments have failed to back those who risk all for us."

Stepway uses a free 7-Step Civilian Skills program that takes 40 hours to complete.

It helps veterans to learn vital skills that they now need such as budgeting, registering with a Surgery or a Dentists.

Utility bills and budgeting along with debt management are also covered.

There is help in CV writing and carryout mock interviews help boost the veteran’s confidence in finding paid employment.

They are introduced to IT Skills and free foundational courses.

Veterans or their families can find out more about Stepway by searching for stepway.org online.