THE shortage of Worcestershire Sauce supplies may be over for us but spare a thought for American cousins who are suffering “withdrawals”.

Stories of Worcester’s most famous export being stifled due to a lack of bottles over Christmas spread across the pond where the tenderloin steaks in East Texas are not quite the same without it.

We have also received correspondence from Utah and Pennsylvania to say the original Worcestershire Sauce is in demand stateside with John Magnusson among those “missing my fix”.

“I have been checking shelves for days now at multiple stores and we are still out of Worcestershire Sauce,” said Mr Magnusson from Alpine, Utah.

“We have some knock-off brand but they are never worth spending my money on. Love your sauce!”

Jeannie Prendergast, from East Texas, said: “Stocks are greatly reduced in my area, East Texas! HELP! We can't grill our tenderloin steaks without it!”

Meme Page added: “There is definitely still a shortage here in Texas. We can't find it at any of the grocery stores. And the online prices are gouging everyone!”

Michele Brauer: “We are desperately searching for the original Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce in our area of Pennsylvania, USA.

“We have been unable to locate it for months. Our local supermarkets and Walmart have vacant spots waiting to be filled.

“I personally ran out of it and have begun to have withdrawals.

“I know this is just psychosomatic but I grew up on this product. After 50 years of pouring it over every beef, chicken, pork, noodle, corn, potato or rice dish, I don’t know how I’m going to last until it’s back in stock.

“Please know that meals are just not enjoyable without your product.”

We reported in February that some supermarkets and shops in the UK were stocking the smaller 150ml bottles but there were gaps on the shelves where the 290ml size was usually stocked.

Supplies had been stymied by the "short-term availability of bottles" in December, quelling the usual flow of one of the nation's favourite condiments but parent company Kraft Heinz said the availability of receptacles had been “stabilised” by February.

Worcester News is awaiting response from Kraft Heinz on the supply issues in America, although Mr Magnusson does appear to have found some.

Malvern Gazette:

"The shortage has finally come to an end at our house," he recently posted on Facebook.

"This stuff is hard to find lately."