A VETERAN has demanded an apology from a city councillor who called those gathered outside the war memorial during the BLM protests 'Neo Nazis' in a council meeting last week.

Dave Carney wrote an open letter to Cllr Simon Cronin condemning him for his 'divisive comments' during the zoom meeting last Tuesday, but, Cllr Cronin says his words were 'misinterpreted.'

Mr Carney said Cllr Cronin 'witnessed veterans throwing Nazi salutes whilst protecting the cenotaph' and labelled them 'neo-nazis.'

He said: "You were called a liar in that meeting and I too will call you a liar today as I was unaware that veterans were throwing Nazi salutes during that particular day. There was one incident where an individual turned up with a placard that read 'BLM is b*llox' but they were turned away immediately as it was not why the veterans were there.

"In any case labelling veterans with the phrase 'Neo Nazis' is disgusting and insulting. I ask you to prove to me that you are telling the truth, not just words but hard evidence. If you do, I will apologise and help the police to identify the individuals and bring them to task. If you cannot prove it, then I wish for you to make a public apology."

Cllr Cronin responded to Mr Carney in an email that said he offers his 'unhesitating apology' if any offence was caused to our county veterans.

He said: "If there has been any interpretation of the words I used in Council on Tuesday 28 March, or at any other time, which gave offence to the country’s forces veterans, I offer my unhesitating apology.

"I made no mention of veterans in association with the event at Worcester’s War Memorial to which I referred. I saw a member of the public making a Nazi salute at the gathering and I wish I could erase the memory from my brain as it horrified me so.

"As has been stated one person was turned away because of their unacceptable behaviour, it is clear that any demonstration, however well-meaning and carefully managed is capable of attracting the wrong element. This was indeed the point I arguing in Council.

"It is clearly impossible for every instance of bad behaviour to be noticed and addressed, and if the demonstration at the War Memorial contained only one moment of misbehaviour, it is entirely plausible that this went unnoticed by yourself and event organisers.

"I would make clear my respect and appreciation of the armed forces, past and present, for the extraordinary role they play, and the bravery and professionalism they display in so doing."