WORCESTER is the second-best location in the country for getting a good night’s sleep, according to new research.

A new study by Sleepseeker studied a number of different metrics including levels of sky brightness, number of noise complaints, night-time noise levels and anxiety levels, has seen Worcester come out as one of the best in the country.

These scores work out to a “sleep forecast score” out of 100.

This saw Worcester come out with a score of 84.05, with only Warwick (92.63 receiving a better score.

The top 10 locations in the UK are as follows:

1.Warwick - 92.63

2.Worcester - 84.05

3.St. Albans - 83.87

4.Hereford - 83.52

5.Stafford - 83.34

6.Carlisle - 82.31

7.Luton - 82.19

8.Blackburn with Darwen - 82.0

9.Chichester - 82.01

10.Wigan - 81.83

The data, which is a combination of ONS and Public Health England figures, are taken for the county and local authority area then applied to the nearest major settlement.

For Worcester, there are 5.7 noise complaints per 1,000 people, while 7.5 per cent of the population is exposed to excess noise at night.

A spokesman said: "Getting a good night’s rest is essential for ensuring that you stay healthy and happy.

"However, getting a solid eight hours isn’t always easy, and there are certain factors that can make that seem almost impossible. But can the city we live in be one of those factors?

"Having looked at a number of different metrics - from light and noise pollution to anxiety levels - we’ve revealed the best cities for a great night’s sleep.

"By looking at the levels of sky brightness, number of noise complaints, nighttime noise levels, and anxiety levels, we were able to give an overall sleep forecast score out of 100 so we could discover the best cities and London boroughs for getting a good night’s sleep."

To see the full research, go to sleepseeker.co.uk/best-cities-for-sleeping/