TEN Malvern churches have produced a trail of life-sized tableaux round the town, telling the Easter story.

The trail begins at Malvern Priory with an archway over the steps in Abbey Road marking a pathway to a life-sized wicker donkey waiting in his stable for the arrival of Jesus.

The story then continues round the town with a display of the Last Supper at St Andrew’s, Gethsemane at the Baptist Church, Peter’s denial at Lansdowne Methodist Church and the depiction of the crucifixion with three crosses specially made for the occasion at St Matthias.

The drama continues with the whipping scene at Little Malvern Priory, the torn curtain at Holy Trinity, the empty tomb at St James and Elim, the story of Doubting Thomas at St Mary’s and finally the tableau of the Ascension created by the Salvation Army.