Here is the second part of our look at the Conservative candidates standing in the May 6 council elections: 

Link – Karen Hanks

Karen Hanks has lived in Malvern for more than 20 years. An experienced businesswoman, Karen Hanks is pledging to support improved public transport and public access routes throughout the area.

She said: “If elected, I promise to represent Malvern Link diligently, future-proofing our local services to ensure that Malvern Link remains an attractive place to live and work for all our residents.

"Having originally trained as a teacher, I am especially keen to support education, community led planning and enterprise opportunities for younger residents and families."

Powick – Melanie Baker

The former deputy leader of Malvern Hills District Council, Melanie Baker s standing for Powick with a focus on the NHS.

She said: "We are living in unprecedented times and once the pandemic is finally under control, economic recovery must be our number one goal.

"Looking wider than just the economy, we must also work tirelessly to protect the vulnerable in our communities, ensure our children are healthy and happy, and step up our work to ensure equal rights and a level playing field for everyone, including women.

"Those are my key areas of focus and everyone who knows me will know I’ll do all I can to deliver."

Tenbury – David Chambers

Former MHDC leader David Chambers is standing for Tenbury aiming to use his experience as a councillor to help protect Tenbury from flooding.

He said: "Living in Tenbury I know flood defences are of paramount importance to many of us.

"Now that funding has been secured, I will work closely with partners to ensure the rollout of the Flood Defence Scheme is completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

"I know just how important roads, pavements, pathways, cycle routes are to us all, how speeding blights many of our local roads and lanes, and traffic congestion frustrates many of us on a daily basis, but there will be things I don’t know about, that are important to you – and if elected I will want you to tell me."

Trinity – Liam Thomson

Liam Thomson lives in West Malvern, and says he is proud to be part of the "unique community" that is Trinity.

He is keen to give something back to the town, and make sure that the division gets its right share of investment in schools, roads and footpaths.

He has previously worked in Westminster, and the European Parliament, as well as working in UK businesses.

He said: "Malvern has some incredible natural features, the hills and springs that make the town what it is.

"With the right ideas and energy, we can build on these attributes for the benefit of everybody.

"It has been an incredibly difficult year for all, but with the Brexit debate now behind us and the government’s vaccine programme reaching an ever-growing number of people, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

"I want to help build a better Malvern."