A COUNCILLOR is concerned about flood debris in a river threatening the ecology of a county village.

An image was posted on the Powick Village News, an open Facebook group, of fallen tree branches nearly blocking the flow of water under a bridge.

The reduced water flow could result in the banks of the river being eroded, leading to loss of habitat for both animals and plants.

Cllr Tom Wells, who is a county councillor and district councillor for Powick, said: “My concern is the wood debris slowing the rate of water flow and possibly leading to erosion of the river sides, leading to habitat destruction of animal and plant species this could get worse and could be an example of climate change getting worse.”

A spokesman for the Environmental Agency said it is busy clearing debris in rivers from recent storms but pointed out there is no urgent flood risk at the Powick site.

The spokesman said: “We appreciate the debris in the river at Powick is unsightly and will clear as soon as it is safe to do so and when our resources allow.”

When it floods, debris often collects at the foot of Worcester Bridge in the city.

A study from a climate thinktank has said that areas of the county are in danger of being underwater by 2050.

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The report commissioned by Climate Central says that areas of Worcestershire including Severn Stoke and Upton-Upon-Severn will be below the fall below the elevation of an average annual coastal flood.

The spokesman added: “If members of the public have concerns about debris, they should ring our hotline on 0800-80-70-60.”

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