You could make over £5000 ahead of Christmas by selling unused items lying around your house, according to new data. 

A new sales report by H&T has revealed items listed on online listing sites like Gumtree could earn you a bit of extra cash ahead of the festive season - and you're sure to own a few of these items. 

Now is the perfect time to make some extra cash ahead of the festive season and if you have most of these items gathering dust then you could make thousands selling them online.

Items like office chairs and home gym equipment have seen a rise in popularity with more people working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.  

Sarah Buck, Head of Retail from H&T said "It's clear that lockdown has brought an opportunity to sell items that have become increasingly popular and products such as dumbbells are now often out of stock from high street retailers.

The most popular items being sold and searched for online:

Malvern Gazette: The most popular items being sold and searched for online. The most popular items being sold and searched for online.

1. Office Chairs

Selling for £30-£500

With the coronavirus pandemic causing many people to work from home, demand for office equipment has risen. Searches for office chairs have increased by 232%! If you have an ergonomically designed chair at home it could fetch £500 or over, with more basic designs selling for between £30 and £100.

2. Dumbbells

Selling for £30-£1,300 per item

Fitness equipment has also seen a huge increase in interest with searches for dumbbells increasing by 171% in the last year. With increased demand, even lighter weights could sell for up to £100, with full sets of dumbbells fetching above £1,500.

3. Desks

Selling for £30-£400

Like office chairs, spare desks could earn you some extra cash as people kit out home offices. Whilst basic desks will fetch £10 - £30, vintage or solid wood ones could be worth in the hundreds, meaning older furniture could help bring in a hefty amount.

4. Bikes

Selling for £35-£350

If you're looking to make some extra money during your lockdown clear up, bikes are the way to go. Bikes are in high demand right now, so if you've got one that you aren't using at the moment whether you've grown out or replaced it, try advertising it online to fetch the best prices.

5. Sofas

Selling for £50-£1,000

As furniture stores remain closed second-hand sofas have seen a 36% increase in interest. Selling an old settee could earn you anywhere between £50 to £1000 depending on the quality and design.

6. Christmas Trees 

Selling for £20-£150

Christmas is looking a little different this year and with many retailers closed shoppers are looking for artificial trees online. If you have one spare it could sell for between £20 and £150 depending on the quality and size.

7. Xbox's

Selling for £100 and £400

With the recent release of the new console old Xbox's have been selling online as people look for a cheaper alternative, with searches up by 23%. Depending on the spec and condition they could sell for up to £400.

8. Playstation's

Selling for: £25-£400

As with Xbox's, Playstations, particularly the PS4 are appearing more online with searches up by 22%. They often make great Christmas presents and could earn up to £400 in near new condition.

9. Guitars

Selling for £50-£200

The hobby you tried to pick up a few years ago but never stuck to? Guitars could help make some extra money in the run-up to the holidays. Whilst rare editions can be worth thousands, more common models sell for between £50 and £200.

10. iPhones

Selling for £100-£500

Most of us have old phones gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, and the Apple devices could sell for as much as £500 depending on the model and condition.

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