MORE than 50 people died of coronavirus in the latest week of coronavirus all settings data that has now been released.

Latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) all settings figures, for the week ending February 12, show 54 county residents died -where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate - during that week.

The data shows seven Worcester residents died that week, four in hospital and three in a care home.

In that week eight Wychavon residents died, five in hospital, two in a care home and one in a hospice.

A total of 12 Malvern residents died that week five in hospital, five in a care home and two at home.

11 Wyre Forest residents died that week, nine in hospital and two in a care home, and nine Redditch resident died, seven in hospital, one in a care home and one in an communal establishment.

And seven Bromsgrove residents died that week four in hospital, two in a care home and one at home.

These latest ONS figures mean that in total during the pandemic 1,213 Worcestershire people classed as having Covid-19, had died up to February 5.

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A total of 180 Worcester residents have died including 97 in hospital, 67 in a care home, 10 at home, three in a communal establishment and three in a hospice.

A total of 238 people in Wyre Forest have died including 156 in hospital, 64 in a care home, 15 at home, two in a communal and one elsewhere.

A total of 243 Bromsgrove residents have died including 153 in hospital, 77 in a care home, seven at home, four elsewhere and two in a communal establishment.

In Wychavon 250 people have died including 149 in hospital, 75 in a care home, 12 at home, seven in a communal establishment, six in a hospice and one elsewhere.

A total of 174 people from Redditch have died including 139 in hospital, 26 in a care home, six at home, and three in a communal establishment.

And 128 people from Malvern have died including 72 in hospital, 49 in a care home, four at home, two in a hospice and one in a communal establishment.