BUSINESSES have been speaking out about the uncertainty of ‘non-essential’ salons and bars reopening anytime soon.

Amanda Smith, who has run Tiger Lou’s on Worcester Road for over 14 years, said: “It is a difficult time for the business, but we need to keep closed to keep everyone safe.

“I have my down days like everyone, but all my customers are constantly texting with messages like ‘keep your chin up’ and this keeps me going.

“I’m just anxiously waiting now for the Government to say we can reopen - I feel with all the measures I have in place it would be safe to reopen.”

James Grant, who manages the Bluebell in Malvern, said: “We are waiting on the green light from the Government to open and I know the regulars can’t wait to come back as we are not just a pub but a community.

“As we’re run by Marston's, all the staff have been looked after on the furlough scheme and I’ve been checking in with them regularly to see how they’re doing.

“This lockdown has been tough on many businesses.”

Malvern Serenity owner Cymone Young said she wanted to take on a new apprentice this year but that is not going to happen now.

Cymone said: “Money is being spent on staying afloat, to pay bills, when I wanted to expand the business this year.

“I’ve been doing online consultations and that’s brought an income in.

“I really hope the Government ends lockdown before April so I can get back to work with the salon.”