A WIDOW who was gifted a bunch of flowers by a stranger while shopping wants to thank the mystery man in person

Dorothy Cutting, 79, from Malvern, was buying ready meals at Morrisons the day before Valentine’s Day and was feeling down as the meals for two and flowers people were buying reminded her of the loss of her husband Wally four years ago.

In an emotional interview Mrs Cutting said: “I remember thinking ‘what’s the point’ of buying a meal for two as I had no one to share it with.

“When you leave the shop, there’s a massive flower stall and I remember saying to one of the shop assistants ‘gosh, I’m so envious of people getting flowers’ and thought nothing more of it.”

Mrs Cutting did not have to wait long before receiving a lovely bunch of flowers from a man whom she did not get the name of.

Mrs Cutting added: “I was at my car loading the shopping when a young man - he wasn’t wearing a uniform so I know he wasn’t a member of staff - came running up to me with a big smile on his face and handed me the bunch.

“I went to hug him but realised we can’t hug at the moment during the pandemic and then he disappeared as quickly as he came.

“This pandemic has brought out the best of people, I really do think that, and he really made my day.

“I’m crying now just thinking about it and I want to thank him in person as I don’t think he knows how much happiness he’s brought me.

If you are the man or you know who the mystery flower giver is, contact our community reporter Steven Collins at: steven.collins@newsquest.co.uk