A ROAD in Malvern which lacks appropriate drainage is “an accident waiting to happen” according to a local councillor.

Pictures show flooding in Pickersleigh Road, which also affects nearby Cedar Avenue and Meadow Road.

Cllr Peter Whatley, from Malvern Hills District Council, has called it “an accident waiting to happen” and has asked Worcestershire County Council to investigate.

He said: “I was contacted today by a resident of Meadow Road who pointed out the issues with flooding on Pickersleigh Road which inevitably also affect Cedar Avenue and Meadow Road.

“On Pickersleigh Road, flooding happens right on the sharp bend where Cedar Avenue joins. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“The basic problem is yet again lack of regular maintenance of drains by Worcs CC Highways, made worse by lack of capacity for water running off the common.

“Properties are threatened and there is real danger to users of Pickersleigh Road, both from standing water and the lack of signage warning of the new turning just round the bend.

“I’m told the flooding problem has got steadily worse over the past 10 years as grassed areas have been reduced.

“I’m calling on WCC Highways to get a drainage system installed across this area that is fit for purpose.”

The road is another in the county where there are concerns over flooding.

Earlier this week, Cllr Whatley’s fellow district councillor Martin Allen called for Hanley Road, Upton, to be raised after it was repeatedly flooded during bad weather.

In response, a Worcestershire County Council highways spokesman said: “We are aware of the drainage issues in Pickersleigh Avenue and Meadow Avenue and are working with landowners to carry out works in the spring.”