CITY residents have voiced their frustration after their Tesco home deliveries were cancelled at the last minute due to a coronavirus outbreak at a Worcester store.

A Tesco spokesman has apologised for the issue and said they hoped things would be back to normal “by next week”.

We reported earlier this week that Tesco had confirmed that a number of staff at its Warndon superstore were self-isolating following positive coronavirus tests. A spokesman for the supermarket would not say how many staff were affected but there were reports that it was at least 12.

Dozens of people said they had been affected by the cancellation of home deliveries in Worcester.

One man who had his order cancelled last minute said that, without a car, he was relying on the grocery delivery to feed his family, including his one-year-old, during this lockdown.

Will Clarke said: “On the morning of the delivery we had a call to say they weren’t going to be able to deliver our shopping.

“I phoned customer services and asked what was going on, and they said ‘staff have not turned up’ and ‘your order is cancelled’.

“When I asked the next time they could deliver, they said it would be January 26.

“I told them I have got no car as I’m unemployed due to Covid, I have got a one-year-old baby, we rely on the delivery, what are you going to do? They said there was nothing they could do.

“It is forcing people into unnecessary travel (to supermarkets and shops).

“They are a supermarket chain, they should have contingency measures in place.”

Another affected Worcester resident, Dawn Hunter, added: “Twice now this week we have had our Tesco delivery order cancelled via text message - on the day of expected delivery - saying 'due to store issues'.

“Tesco should not be taking orders they can’t deliver on. It’s not right.”

On social media, Liz Price said: “I had a slot booked Tuesday afternoon. I was contacted by email Tuesday morning to cancel the order saying it was 'due to store issues'.”

Nicki Allies said: “Mine has been cancelled but due to the situation we are in, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s bound to happen.”

A Tesco spokesman stressed that the store was still delivering to customers on the vulnerable list, and had kept on those staff temporarily recruited over the Christmas period to help.

The spokesman said: “Some colleagues at our Warndon superstore are self-isolating after a small number of colleagues tested positive for Covid-19.

“While the majority of our online orders are being delivered as normal, we have had to cancel some home deliveries in the evenings due to colleague absences.

“We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and hope things will return to normal by next week.”

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