THE West Midlands is set to lose two constituency seats in a shake up of the UK's electoral map.

Under proposals to make voter populations in each constituency more equal, England is set to gain 10 MPs, while Wales will lose eight and Scotland is on course to be reduced by two.

Once the four national boundary reviews are completed in 2023, England is set to have 543 MPs, Wales 32 and Scotland 57.

London is scheduled to gain two MPs, increasing to 75 in total, while the North West and North East will both see their representation reduced by two.

The South East and South West will both have new seats created.

Seven more seats will be created in the South East, taking it to 89, while the South West will go from 55 to 58.

East Anglia, will gain three seats, the West Midlands will lose two and the East Midlands will gain one.

The new constituency boundaries will come into force in 2023.