THERE has been outrage among concerned residents following reports a convicted paedophile has been released from prison after serving half of his six-year sentence.

Dean Willmott , of Fernhill Heath, has been released this week according to the UK Database group, which collects and publishes information on cases relating to child abuse.

A post on the group’s Facebook page regarding Willmott said: “His blood family have continued to stand by him throughout and he will be welcomed back to his village next week.”

However, the Worcester News understands that upon his release from prison Willmott has not returned to Fernhill Heath and is now living elsewhere.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said:“Serious sex offenders released on licence are closely monitored and can be returned to prison if they breach strict conditions such as curfews and exclusion zones.”

Willmott was found guilty of five counts of sexual activity with a male child under the age of 13 and one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, following a seven-day trial at Hereford Crown Court in December 2017.

Willmott, aged 38, whose address was Eastfield Close in Fernhill Heath, had denied the offences.

Following the reports of Willmott’s release, residents questioned the decision.

Commenting on Facebook, Jade Louise said: “I will never understand why that if they are ‘good and well behaved’ they will only do half of their sentence, but how do they know they are really ‘good’ as there are no children in prison? I will also never understand why people do this to innocent children.”

Jean Russell said: “Another dangerous creature back on our streets. Something stinks about this pathetic excuse for a judiciary.”

Detective Constable Adam Howard said at the time of the court case: “This was a detailed investigation completed over the last year. It involved children and six counts of sexual touching. We would like to praise all the witnesses in this case in what was a traumatic situation. We are pleased with the result at the end of a very detailed and painstaking investigation.”

County councillor for Fernhill Heath, Tony Miller, declined to comment on Willmott’s release.