A TENANT is “disgusted and appalled” about what he claims is a rat infestation in a communal bin area in the flat block in which he lives.

Peter Glaze, 52, who lives in Crown Lea Court in Malvern, said he has contacted both Platform Housing and the district council over the issue which he said started when the council removed black wheelie bins.

However, Malvern Hills District Council said its binmen were not able to “to empty the bins on numerous occasions due to misuse of the bin store” and “contacted residents and provided them with information on how to dispose of their waste and recycling correctly” and “cleared the site and installed new bins” for residents to use.

Platform Housing manage the flat block on Borrowdale Road in Malvern.

Mr Glaze added: “We were told by the council the bins were not being used efficiently, so they were taken away.

“Up until that point there were no rats.

“The bin area is disgusting and full of stale smelly rubbish from previous bags not being taken away by the council.

“Things have been made worse since our recycling waste has not been taken away and the rats are still having a field day."

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Mr Glaze has said there appeared to be maggots in the bin area as well, eating the bagged food.

Cllr John Raine, portfolio holder for Environment at Malvern Hills District Council, added: “We have contacted the property owner, Platform Housing, regarding the rat issue as it is their responsibility to hire pest controllers if required.”

Clare Greensall, regional manager for communities and neighbourhoods at Platform Housing, said: "Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our customers is of vital importance; we will ensure Malvern Hills District Council is aware of the complaint and will arrange for our caretaking supervisor to visit the site to assess the cleaning work that is required."