A Malvern headteacher has praised the work of his pupils and staff during the coronavirus crisis.

Mike Fieldhouse, headteacher at The Chase School, said the school is coping “phenominally well” and was “ahead of the game” with its coronavirus safety measures.

He said: “The Chase is coping phenomenally well with the current difficult situation and believe that our risk assessment, including the new procedures and routines we have established have enabled the staff to continue teaching our students as close to normal as is possible, in as safe an environment as possible.

“The Chase has been ahead of the game with introducing safety measures, such as the wearing of face coverings in communal indoor spaces before it was announced to be compulsory by the government.

“The students have been truly phenomenal in the way they are dealing with the huge additional pressures and uncertainties which have arisen due to the Covid pandemic.

“I also cannot praise our staff enough in the professional way in which they have managed this situation. Our attendance rates are close to normal at over 94% and that includes staff attendance, with very few colleagues missing any time during this term to date.

“I am really pleased that schools remain open during this second lockdown period as it is really important that our children are in school and being educated.”