A GROUP of residents who wanted a tree cut down in Malvern say they are “upset” councillors decided to impose a Tree Protection Order.

Last week, we reported how district councillors in Malvern voted in favour of the order to protect a Lawson Cypress tree in the grounds of Springfield Lodge, Graham Road.

This was despite representations from residents saying the tree has a negative impact on their lives due to its size and effect on the nearby drains.

A joint statement on behalf of the Springfield Lodge owners, presented by Justyna Jakubowska, said: “Residents had sent a message of sincere appreciation to a number of councillors for voting with consideration and empathy for Lodge and neighbouring residents in opposing the TPO.

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“Unfortunately, that consideration and empathy did not go quite far enough - and the narrow vote in support of the TPO now means that the wellbeing of residents - both young and old - will continue to be negatively impacted by the tree’s presence. Residents are currently planning their response.”

Among the councillors to vote against the TPO were Cllrs Beverley Nielsen and Cynthia Palmer, both of whom said the tree had to go. Cllr Nielsen said: “We have a wonderful conservation area where we really love our trees for the pleasure they give us.

"I, like many people, am in favour of planting more trees across the Malvern Hills, especially given the climate emergency.

"However, a three can be a real nuisance, causing loss of light, undermining house foundations and causing damage to drainpipes.

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"Sadly, in these cases, a tree may need to be pollarded or even removed.

"The residents of Springfield Lodge and Springfield House are disappointed at the decision of the planning committee and are considering what action they may take."

Cllr Palmer agreed, saying the tree's height was a major concern, adding: "Branches of the tree are within a few feet of six windows at the rear of the property and it is a great worry for all the residents, both now and in the future."

Councillors voted in favour of the TPO at last weeks Southern Area Planning Committee meeting, provoking an angry response from a resident who spoke on behalf of Springfield Lodge's residents.

He called the decision "an absolute nonsense" in the meeting, though this was later removed by the council from the YouTube video.