STAFF at a primary school in Malvern have been thinking creatively about ways to extend their children’s experiences and curriculum activities without leaving the school grounds.

Head teacher from Northleigh CE Primary School, Sarah Green, said: “Restrictions surrounding school trips and residential visits due to Covid19, have presented us with a challenge.

"We’ve focused on finding alternative ways to enable our children to immerse themselves in experiences which bring the curriculum to life.”

Earlier this week, the Northleigh Year 6 children used technology in a whole new way to bring their topic of Transatlantic Slavery to life.

Using wireless headphones, the children experienced an audio adventure discovering incredible places.

“After months of lockdown, our children have been telling us that they miss being able to travel and experience different people and places.

"Now, with the potential of local lockdown never far away, it’s vital that we continue to investigate ways we can expand opportunities for children.

"Using IT solutions are becoming increasingly integral to learning both at school and home,” said Mrs Green.