A WORCESTERSHIRE MP has joined the calls for more electric bikes in the county.

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin said an "electric revolution" will help more people to reduce their reliance upon cars and public transport, helping the environment.

The government started a £25 million voucher scheme back in May which is designed to help people get their old bikes back on the road by allowing members of the public to receive a voucher worth up to £50 towards the cost of repairing a bicycle.

Mrs Baldwin visited staff at the Halfords store in Malvern and encouraged local authorities to make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to get around.

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She said: “We’ve seen cycle journeys doubled since lockdown and I am a huge fan of pedal power, both for health reasons and also to reduce the number of vehicles on our busy roads.

“I’m grateful that Halfords took the time to brief me on how they are helping more people to get onto bikes and scooters and I fully support their efforts.

“I was also impressed with the help they have offered key workers with their cars during lockdown and took the time to thank the team for their efforts to keep the county moving during this global pandemic.

“I hope to see more and more people venturing out onto a bike or a scooter in the coming months, and electric bikes seem like a great solution for coping with Malvern’s challenging hills.”