HERE is your round-up of crime stories from this week.

‘Stupid’ construction workers on Worcester’s Southern Link Road project had been drinking in the pub when they got behind the wheel, one of them crashing twice.

Gobind Singh, 48, admitted drink-driving while 31-year-old Richard Gravelle, known as Liam, admitted being in charge of a car while above the limit for alcohol. The contractor, Griffiths, and Worcestershire County Council say the men were not working on the SLR project at the time.

A boyfriend wielded a samurai sword and later launched a 'revenge' petrol bomb attack after a feud developed with his girlfriend's family who did not approve of him.

Carl Ellitts had already admitted attempted arson and affray when he was sentenced over prison videolink at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday.

A car dealership mechanic who had downed six or seven cans of lager lost his job after he was caught drink driving at two and a half times the limit.

Percival Jackson of Apple Tree Road, Pershore, admitted driving with excess alcohol when he appeared before magistrates in Worcester on Thursday.

A 'Desperate' cannabis-smoking thief stole car batteries from a waste site after he spotted them through a fence - but was found hiding in some bushes by a police dog.

Convicted burglar Gary Perrins took the batteries, worth £200, from Severn Waste Recycling in Droitwich but was sniffed out by a police dog after a security firm which monitors the site raised the alarm.

A taxi driver turned drugs chauffeur has not paid back a penny of ‘criminal cash’ – and now the case may grind to a halt yet again.

The prospect of another delay in the case of Worcester drug dealer Shakur Hussain has been raised despite the insistence by the city’s most senior judge that he would not accept further delays.