THE new pupil parliament at a Malvern primary school has held its inaugural meeting.

Pupils at Northleigh Primary School elected their seven-member pupil parliament this year and received a visit from special guest Harriett Baldwin MP.

Headteacher Sarah Green said: "We were delighted to safely welcome Harriett into school to see democracy in action within our school.

"Our pupils were keen to discuss with her topics including the representation of women in parliament, and environmental challenges post Covid 19."

Mrs Baldwin was given a tour of the school and announced the school's new Prime Minister and Deputy PM.

She also discussed the challenges faced by the school, which was taken over by the Mercian Educational Trust shortly before the lockdown.

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Mrs Green also talked about the challenges of working within Covid guidelines to keep the school safe for pupils and staff.

Mrs Baldwin said: "This was my first primary school visit since lockdown and it was brilliant to see happy young people back in the school with a new way of operating.

"I have had many conversations with teachers and parents to help children back into school but it is great to see this first hand and it is reassuring to see how normal everything feels.

"These are clearly challenging times, but the I was keen to chat to Sarah about how the school is coping.

"Staff and pupils seem to have done a great job adapting.

"I was honoured to be invited to see their own parliament in action and it is working on some exciting challenges to help improve their own school over the coming year."