PERMISSION for an extension to a house in Malvern has been granted after council enforcement action meant a previous one had to be stopped.

Councillors in Malvern voted on plans for a two-storey side extension to a house in Holywell Road to replace an existing single-storey build.

Planning permission for a side extension had been granted in January this year, but, according to the council, an inspection found the work had did not conform to the permission it had been granted and was too tall, overhanging the neighbouring house.

Because of this, building work was halted this summer, meaning the plans had to be resubmitted.

Addressing the meeting, council officer Simon Rowles said: "Unfortunately, the original plans did not accurately portray the relationship with number 5 (the house next door).

"In addition, the whole ground floor level was raised up, which obviously had a knock-on effect.

"The consequence of this is that previous extension was effectively unauthorised and in officers' opinions, does not represent a fall-back position."

Mr Rowles went on to say the council took enforcement action to halt the work, pending further approval.

Mr Rowles added council officers "had engaged with the applicant to see if a resolution could be found".

Concerns had previously been raised over a loss of privacy to the house next door, though officers were satisfied there would be no "unacceptable degree of intrusion" over the neighbour's main sitting-out area from the extension.

The new plans submitted to the council were to use obscured glass, keeping privacy between the two houses.

Ward councillors John Gallagher and Mark Dyde supported the application, saying they had been and visited the site themselves.

Cllr Gallagher said: "Overall, looking at the issues raised, most seem to have been addressed."

Cllr Dyde agreed with Cllr Gallagher, saying: "I do think the glazing of the windows has to be obscured."

Councillors voted unanimously to approve the application at the meeting of the council's Southern Area Planning Committee on September 23.