RESIDENTS have been left furious as travellers turn up on Droitwich playing fields littering it with toilet paper and human waste.

The travellers set up camp on the Droitwich Spa Cricket Club playing fields on Friday and are still there now.

A member of the cricket club who doesn’t wish to be named said: “We have had to cancel two junior matches this past weekend, moved three adult games to away games and cancelled one.

“It is not how we wanted to spend the last weekend of the season.

“It’s ruined it to be honest.

“There are six caravans in the fields, although one did leave last night. They have littered the place with toilet paper and do their business in the bushes.

“They have also been driving around the pitch all day and night. It is unknown yet just how much damage they have caused. We will just have to wait and see when they leave.

“A couple of dog walkers have also said they have had some hassle.”

“We have reported it to the council and are waiting for them to be evicted from the premises.

“I did actually go and confront them myself.

“They said they would move but only if we paid them or gave them use of the facilities which is obviously not something we are willing to do.”

Phil Merrick, Head of Economy and Environment at Wychavon District Council said: “We are aware of five vehicles on St Peters Field in Droitwich which have caused some disruption to planned sporting events.

“We are liaising with the police and have commenced the eviction process.”

According to the law members of the public have rights of access for air and exercise on some common land, but do not have the right to drive caravans on to the land and camp there.

District councils can also make orders prohibiting caravans on common land for the purposes of human habitation.