THIS is the horrific hunting knife used during a 'ferocious' and bloody attack which shocked Worcester.

A photo of the gigantic 'Rambo' knife wielded by Tobi Hurding during a vicious attack has been released to the Worcester News by West Mercia Police.

We have already reported how the defendant was jailed for wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court over videolink from HMP Hewell earlier this month after hacking at his victim's face and stabbing him.

The judge who jailed him told Hurding: "Hopefully, when released, you can lead a decent life."

The 32-year-old of Allcroft Road, Birmingham, known as ‘Junior', said the jail sentence was 'probably the best thing that that has happened to me in the last five years' and added: "Something does need to change." He had been in company with victim Mark Hughes and another man, walking in the direction of Park Street, Worcester on May 25 this year when the attack happened.

The defendant, who had previously been addicted to crack cocaine, told the judge: "As much as this may shoot me in the foot, I would point out to the court that the only reason that man was in my company was he wanted to buy drugs."

Earl Pinnock, prosecuting, said the victim was rolling a cigarette and turned around to ‘receive what he described as an almighty whack to his face’.

“He turned around to see Junior standing in front of him holding what he described as a large Rambo knife” said Mr Pinnock.

The blade, seized by police, was 50cm long with a jagged edge on one side and a normal blade on the other. At that stage the victim said he felt no pain and tried to get his push bike in order to leave but was told by the defendant to 'stay'.

“Unfortunately he was then struck again, this time a stab to his stomach. Not a word, it seems, was said by his assailant.”

The victim made it back to the Fownes Hotel Hotel where he was staying. An ambulance was called and he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham suffering from three separate wounds including one to his chin and the top of his shoulder. Recorder David Mason QC said one wound was ‘very close to his neck’. The injury to his stomach was described as a puncture wound. When arrested, Hurding ‘made a number of incriminating remarks’ said Mr Pinnock.

“He said he had been pushed too far and that he ‘gave it to him’ and ‘the knife is upstairs in my flat’” said Mr Pinnock.

Hurding had 106 offences recorded against him and 35 separate convictions which began in Scotland including offences of violence. One from 2006 involved an assault causing 'permanent disfigurement' and resulted in a 16 month prison sentence. Recorder Mason said the victim was ‘struggling to deal with what happened to him but, thankfully the injuries weren’t more serious than they were, bearing in mind the ferocity of the attack’. The judge also said that the defendant’s violent offending had ‘slowed down’ in recent years.

The defendant, speaking over the link, said he had left Scotland because he was ‘so involved in crime up there’ and ‘it made sense to get away’.

Stephen Hamblett, defending, said Hurding had not seen his victim for three months prior to the attack when he encountered him by chance. He told the court Hurding had previously suffered an injury to his head during an attack involving Mr Hughes and that ‘tempers flared’.

Recorder Mason, sentencing, said: “Although this offence you have admitted is a serious one I don’t quite have enough before me to conclude that you are a dangerous offender. I’m not going to impose an extended sentence in this case.”

Recorder Mason jailed him for six years. A not guilty verdict was entered on a robbery charge. The victim was discharged from hospital.