PEOPLE looking for coronavirus tests in Worcestershire say they are still struggling to arrange one.

William Lee, from Great Malvern, said he had also struggled to get a coronavirus test over the weekend for his son, before finally arranging one late on Monday night (September 14).

He said: “My seven year old son came down with a cough, and although we intuitively think it’s very unlikely to be coronavirus, it does match one of the three notifiable symptoms.

“Not wanting to take any risks of contributing to the spread of the disease, we’re following guidance to keep him and his brother off school, and we parents will stay off work, until he’s been tested and confirmed negative for Covid.

“However, after a frustrating night and now a frustrating day (on Sunday), we’ve tried repeatedly and failed to arrange a test. The whole system seems to be in chaos.

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“There must be plenty of people who need a test who went through the same experience as us and gave up before 8pm.

“Those people might be so disillusioned with the system that they abandoned their Covid isolation, and might be spreading the virus right now – so this does matter.”

Worcestershire County Council said a key problem in arranging test was the number of people booking tests despite not having symptoms.

In a statement issued on Monday, county health chief Dr Kathryn Cobain said tests should only be booked where coronavirus symptoms are being experienced.

She said: "Testing is available to anyone who has a symptom of Covid-19.

"It is not a just in case facility.

"The tests will identify if a person has Covid at the time of testing, and should only be given to people who are showing symptoms of the virus.

"If you are struggling to book a test, please self-isolate, don’t mix with others and keep trying to book a test.

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"Availability in the county is updated regularly, so please don’t give up.

"And don’t book a test unless you have a symptom, please keep tests available for those who really need them."

There are specific reasons to have a test and these are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Most people with coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms.

Because of this, the council has warned that, unless you have been medically advised or advised by the local authority to get a test, or have one of more of the symptoms of Covid, you should not book a test.