IS the coronavirus cases spike a ‘gathering storm’ as the First Minister of Wales called it, or just a blip after a calmer summer?

Everyone of course hopes its the latter, but we should prepare if its the former.

Something many are wondering is if cases have been going up why have, thankfully, deaths been reasonably low recently?

Many scientists and medical professions have asked the same question, and no clear answer has yet materialised.

The positive signs are we have a better understanding of Covid-19 and treatments have got better.

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We should look for positives, but they of course do not mean we can relax. That is especially the case when there are reports hospitalisations are beginning to go back up.

So the cautionary approach, with measures like the rule of six and the stricter restrictions coming to Birmingham this week, is still the right course of action.

The government should act now, not later.

It is also repetitive to hear to wash your hands, social distance and wear a mask – but it all remains crucial in this fight against the disease.