A KEYWORKER from Worcester says he feels stuck in limbo because he can't return to work until he gets a Covid-19 test, for which he can’t make an appointment. Joey Pearce, 27, who is employed by Müller Milk in Droitwich, says that after showing symptoms of coronavirus he attempted to book a test online via the government website, but has been unable to secure a slot, as have other people across Worcestershire. Without a negative test result, he has been unable to return to work. Mr Pearce said: “I am stuck in limbo. I want to work, but I can’t until I get a test and I can’t get a test because there are no appointments. It is so disappointing. Especially as I have been working 50-hour weeks since March, without a single day off, because we provide milk to 80 per cent of the country. “Now I am losing money and being prevented from working because I physically cannot get my hands on a test. It feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth to be honest.” Mr Pearce said he began feeling ill on Tuesday night. The dairy worker from Blackpole said: “I felt awful on Tuesday night but I didn’t know if it was just a cold. I went to work on Wednesday to tell my employer and they said I can’t return to work until I have had a test, which is fair enough, they have been great safety wise and as we are a food supplier I don’t wish to put anyone at risk. “The trouble is when I try to book a test online I just can’t get through. There are no appointments. I have already lost three days' pay. I even went up to the testing site at Sixways Stadium yesterday and although it was completely empty they refused to give me a test and just told me to book online.” Mr Pearce said he is not eligible for sick pay until he proves he has coronavirus and thus is losing out on wages. He said: “I am currently saving up for a car as I have my test soon, but with the loss of earnings that will have to be put on the backburner. It feels unfair as we have all worked so hard during lockdown but now when I need some help there is none there.” A spokesman for Muller Milk said: “All Müller Milk & Ingredients employees who are self-isolating will receive company sick pay from the first day that they are absent.” Worcestershire County Council and the government have acknowledged the issues with test booking.