IT’S dogs all the way this week as Worcester News readers send in their pictures of their beloved pooches.

Mary Springall, who lives in Malvern, sent us a lovely picture of the appropriately named Sugar and Spice, golden retrievers who are now both eight.

Mary, who has had the sisters from when they were just nine weeks old, says: “Sugar is mad and full of energy. Spice will do anything for food.”

Malvern Gazette:

Cool Cal

Hayley Pierce sent us a picture of greyhound Cal, a seven-year-old who has just completed his 10th month as a domestic pet.

“He has adjusted so well after living in racing kennels his whole life,” says Hayley. “He is our second baby. He’s always checking on our seven-year-old daughter and if she’s hurt he’s up in a flash! He’s just the sweetest boy who loves to sleep A LOT in his retirement. So glad that we adopted him.”

Sharon King, of Kempsey, sent in a charming picture of Odie, a beagle, who’s been part of the family for 12 years. “He’s very affectionate, loves walks and food of any kind!”

Phil Guest’s border collie Isaac Newton has been with him in Malvern for 19 months. Phil says he’s always wanting to play and loves to be cuddled.

Malvern Gazette:

Big smile from Minnie the Minx

And from one pet named after a world-famous mathematician to one named after a comic-book tearaway – Minnie the Minx, who lives with Mark Bunyan in St John’s, Worcester.

The playful whippet has been part of the family for 18 months and loves playing hide and seek, tearing up cardboard boxes and begging for treats.

Finally, Gayle Harrison posted a charming picture of “our Ozzy and Bella with cousin Fraiser”.

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