TODAY we begin the the first in a new series – Me & My Motor, where we meet the people with a passion for vehicles.

And it's perhaps only right that the first motorist to share his story is Mark Rawlings, the man behind the setting up of Worcester Car Club a couple of years ago.

The thriving club now has more than 400 members on its Facebook page.

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At the time, Mark said: "I have always had a keen interest in cars, so when I moved to Worcester I tried to find a club but couldn’t find one that suited my needs.

"I came up the idea of starting my own and ran it past a friend who said it was a good idea.”

And so it has proved.

Mark own a TVR S3C 1991 and has done since 2011.

"I have always loved TVRs and bought my first one in about 1991.

"I chose TVR as my first classic car they are fibreglass and therefore do not rust.

"My first one was a Tasmin 200 convertible which was a relatively unloved model as it had the 2-litre Ford pinto engine out of the Cortina and wasn’t particularly quick and rather angular.

"I loved it, though, and with the help of a garage and friends we fitted a more modern 2 litre Vauxhall 16v engine which both had more power and fuel economy.

"I then sold this when my son arrived and got into 911s which had a back seat for him.

"When I was 40 I treated myself to another TVR, a 280i convertible also from the Tasmin family.

"Me and my son rebuilt this over four years, working every Sunday when he was aged 10-14!

"We then sold this and traded up to the current S3 which I am driving and restoring at the same time.

"I drive the TVR over the summer and to Worcester Car Club events and use a 993 in the winter."

And how does Mark's passion for cars fit in with family life?

Mark says: "My wife nearly broke off our engagement when I bought the TVR!

"She has learned to live with them but would rather drive my 993 – which also now needs some restoration."

Of course, like most of us, Mark's first car wasn't the one which ended up being his passion.

His first vehicle was a rusty 1967 VW Beetle – "another project which never made it to the road".

And his dream/fantasy vehicle?

"I’d love an old Corvette or something similar with a long bonnet and loads of power."

And in a lesson to us all when we dream of meeting our hero or seeing a world landmark with our own eyes, Mark says he always longed to see a Lamborghini Miura: "I loved the Lamborghini Miura but saw one in real life last year and my dream was shattered!"

• There are so many of us with vehicles that have a tale behind them or we simply have a passion for, and in our new Me and My Motor feature, we want to hear those stories, meeting the people and the motors from Worcester and beyond the city.

It might be a classic that only comes out on sunny weekends or a supercar that gets to open up on track days.

Maybe you have a vintage motorbike or tractor, or have converted a camper into a dream space for getaways.

Have you inherited an heirloom that's been in your family for generations?

Or do you have something just a little bit different – old fire engine, double decker bus or a steam engine?

If you have a motor you're proud of, new or old, you can share it with us here or email for details.

Thanks to everyone who's sent in their stories so far; we'll be featuring them each week in the paper and online.