OUR first car is something that sticks with us.

For me, it was a hand-me-down from my dad (think he was glad to get rid of it) – a Citroen GSA Special whose rear end rose up when you turned it on.

I never could tell if it was meant to do that or not (this was in the days before the internet).

Anyway I moved to England and within six months someone blindsided me and that was that.

There are so many of us with vehicles that have a tale behind them or we simply have a passion for, and in our new Me and My Motor feature, we want to hear those stories, meeting the people and the motors from Worcester and beyond the city.

It might be a classic that only comes out on sunny weekends or a supercar that gets to open up on track days.

Maybe you have a vintage motorbike or tractor, or have converted a camper into a dream space for getaways.

Have you inherited an heirloom that's been in your family for generations?

Or do you have something just a little bit different – old fire engine, double decker bus or a steam engine?

If you have a motor you're proud of, new or old, you can share it with us here or email barry.kinghorn@newsquest.co.uk for details.