A LEAKED document has stated that county council leaders have refused to give up any road or parking space to cyclists as it attempts to apply for Government 'active travel' money.

The leaked presentation stated senior Conservative councillors at Worcestershire County Council had made it clear they did not support any schemes that resulted in the loss of car parking spaces or road space for cyclists or pedestrians.

The county council has since said the leaked slide was not an accurate description of the council's approach.

The presentation slide said council leaders had set clear political 'red lines' which "significantly" restricted what the council could do.

"Worcestershire County Council's leadership has made it clear that the following 'red lines' apply in terms of schemes which can [be] supported by [the] current Administration," the slide said.

"No loss of car parking spaces will be accepted; no loss of road space will be accepted.

"This significantly constrains types of schemes that can be considered for delivery."

In a statement, Councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member for highways at the county council, said: “We are doing more to promote walking and cycling in the county than we ever have done before.

"Together with our partners we have submitted our bid for more than a million pounds from the Government’s active travel scheme and we are investing further in to schemes that are set out in our Local Transport Plan.

"The document that was allegedly leaked is not an accurate description of this council’s approach which is to promote all modes of transport at the detriment of none."

The council only received £135,500 from the Government in June - half of the money it originally bid for - and has since submitted a second bid for more than £1 million.

Cycling campaigners Bike Worcester said it was “incredibly disappointed” by the contents of the leaked slide.

A spokesman for the group said re-allocating space on the roads for cyclists was an important part of the criteria for the Government’s active travel money and the council had ignored it.

“It is doubtful that Worcestershire County Council will get funding,” the spokesman said.

“They risk the Government taking over highways.

In May, the Government told councils, as part of the funding process, to introduce temporary road changes to improve social distancing which included, at least temporarily, relocating roads for cyclists and introducing pop-up cycle lanes.