A FITNESS instructor from Malvern has been keeping the community active during the coronavirus crisis.

Vikki Sivertsen has been a group fitness instructor in local gyms for 24 years, and has been providing remote workout classes for the Malvern community during lockdown.

Mrs Sivertsen said she decided to try and get more people active during lockdown as the gyms were closed and people were stuck indoors.

She said: "During lockdown, people still wanted to exercise, so I started teaching a variety of classes online and they have proved to be very popular.

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"I'm hoping that the government's drive to get people fitter and healthier will inspire people to take more exercise and online classes are ideal for people who may not, for whatever reason, want to join a gym.

"People with a range of fitness levels can participate together as exercises can be adapted to suit and it is still possible for instructor and participants to have a good rapport. I think the online exercise community is growing.

"However you decided to improve your health I would urge everybody to take more exercise. The benefits are enormous."

For more details, head to 'vikkis online group exercise' on Facebook.

New Government guidance means gyms have reopened though safety measures now start from home.

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All venues are encouraging users to arrive in their sports kit and try to change and shower at home.

The preferred option is that the use of showers and changing rooms should be avoided, but they will have to be available for people with disabilities or special needs.

The guidance also says that venues should “ensure that steps are taken to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other."

Fitness rooms will have to be adapted so that equipment is spaced out and some taken out of service so that social distancing can be maintained.