A LAMB has been put down after being attacked by a dog on the Malvern Hills.

The lamb suffered severe injuries and was immediately treated by a vet.

But, despite being cared for by the grazier, the animal did not recover from its injuries and had to be put to down.

The attack happened on Monday, July 27 near to the West of England car park after the lamb left a grazing area.

A warning has gone out to dog owners calling on them to ensure their pets are under control.

The Malvern Hills Trust said: “We’d like to remind people that although cattle and sheep on the Hills can be found within the electric-fenced enclosures listed in Stockwatch, you should expect to find livestock anywhere, at any time on the Malvern Hills and Commons.

“The enclosures are not 100 per cent stock proof and the Hills and Commons are registered common land, which means cattle and sheep can be found freely in the landscape, outside of our grazing projects. If you’re at all in doubt about how your dog will react or you cannot guarantee that your pet will come back to you if it takes interest in sheep, please keep it on a lead at all times.

“We can work together to totally remove the issue of livestock worrying by simply putting your pet on a lead.”

Livestock worrying, which includes chasing, is a crime and police have been informed about the lamb.

Community and conservation officer Beck Baker said: “These incidents are very distressing for the grazier who has to deal with the traumatic injuries, the cost of veterinary care and loss of part of their livelihood.”

Two dogs also chased sheep on the hills in another incident last week.Although they weren't injured, the Trust says chasing stresses the sheep and can lead to broken legs or for pregnant sheep to lose their lambs.

To see where lambs are grazing each week, you'll find a list at malvernhills.org.uk/stockwatch