A PLAN to build more homes on green space in Malvern has been rejected again by the council.

Malvern Hills District Council rejected a Fortis Living plan to build another 21 homes on land off Pickersleigh Grove in Malvern having rejected a similar plan for 23 homes earlier this year.

The homes would have been built next to 92 already-approved homes which are nearing completion.

A planning report by council officers, which set out the rejection, said allowing the extra homes would affect the town’s "green heart" which should be protected.

Local councillor Paul Bennett said he was delighted with the rejection saying allowing the homes would have been the final straw.

Cllr Bennett, who represents the council's Pickersleigh district, said: "We are delighted that another attempt to encroach on this vital green area has been beaten off.

"Parking is already an issue with the school pick up and drop off causing residents problems. This would have been the final straw.

"Cllrs Bovey, Whitehead and I would like this whole area to be a Malvern park and would urge landowners to finally accept that there is no development opportunity here... Ever.

"We would like to thank local residents and the town council for its efforts as well.

"Vital evidence and good work helped produce this popular result."

Several objections to building the homes were raised during public consultation earlier this year.

Fortis had said that whilst green land should be protected where possible, it was outweighed by the need for more affordable housing in Malvern and was in a good location next to already-approved homes.

The neighbouring plan, also by Fortis, to demolish the existing buildings and build 92 homes was approved by council planners in 2014.

The old homes, which were built in the 1950s, were demolished in 2016 but work did not begin until August 2018.

Pickersleigh Residents’ Group said the council should not be setting a precedent for homes to be built on green space.

The group said exceptions had been made for the 92 homes plan but it should not be used as an invitation to build more homes on more green space.