JULY 24 is coming – and with it the compulsory wearing of face masks in shops.

It’s already been the case on public transport and at NHS facilities since June 15 – and many people have been coming up with inventive designs to brighten things up.

Malvern Gazette:

It's still possible to see someone's smiling

We asked readers to send us pictures of their face coverings – you can do the same and send your pictures here.

Photos came flooding in, featuring everything from zombies to superheroes, as well as some snazzy design work. So we’re featuring a selection of them here.

Malvern Gazette:

Happy families

You can send us more pictures of you in your mask or face covering – and tell us where you got it from, or even if you made it yourself.

It might just give other readers inspiration – and encourage them to cover up as well!

Here's a reminder of the latest rules on wearing face coverings, which come into effect in less than a week – Friday, July 24.

Malvern Gazette:

Have mask, can travel

Remember, if you don’t wear a face covering in a shop or supermarket after that date you risk a £100 fine. There are some exemptions. Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt.

Send us your pictures here

Mask-wearing has been compulsory on public transport in England and at NHS facilities across the UK since June 15.

Face coverings can be a scarf, homemade mask or reusable or disposable mask. Advice is to wash hands before and after use and wash reusable coverings regularly.