Malvern Hills District Council is encouraging runners to take part in a new virtual running challenge called Run RouteQuest.

Rachel Nicholls, physical activity and wellbeing officer at Malvern Hills District Council, said: “This is our first ever virtual running challenge and we are so excited for people across the district to get involved.

“This is a great opportunity for people to explore our wonderful local area and visit many beauty spots whilst being active.”

There are two virtual challenges to choose from, one in Malvern and one in Upton-upon-Severn and each has ten locations to visit using a map.

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When participants find each location they need to take a photo or selfie.

Once they have completed all ten locations, they simply send in or share their photos/selfies and will receive a medal.

Starting on Monday, July 20 and ending on Friday, August, 28 the challenge can be done at any time during the six weeks and costs £3 to enter.

Malvern mayor, cllr Neil Morton, said: “This is a very innovative idea and anything to get people out of the house to get exercise in a safe manner has to be welcomed - I’ll think about taking part but I’m saying ‘yes’ right now!”

Some examples of the types of locations participants need to find include a local pub or historic spots such as St Ann’s Well.

Once a photo has been taken, participants will be asked to email them in to the council or to share them on a private Facebook group.

Running is known to reduce stress, imrpove heart health and reduce symptoms of depression, according to experts.

Even running for just 30 minutes has been shown to reduce body fat.

To sign up, visit: