A YOUNG boy from Malvern has been left devastated after heartless thieves stole his money and stock.

Five year-old Harry Clare, from Welland, sells eggs, goats milk and soap among other items at the Rosebud Meadow glamping site.

His family noticed on Tuesday morning that money and supplies had been stolen, leaving just the table and shop sign.

Harry's mother Rosie said he had been given the idea of setting up shop after reading a book at school about a shopkeeper.

She said he does not understand why someone would take his things.

She said: "Because we make our own goats milk, lip balm and soap, we thought with everyone going for their daily walks, we'd put a little shop down for him at the bottom of the drive and every day since we started it a couple of months ago, Harry goes down there, makes sure it's all stocked up, looks after it and he's really, really, enjoyed doing it."

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"He doesn't quite understand why somebody would take his things."

Auctioneer Philip Serrell shared the news on Twitter, saying: "This is Harry - he is 5 and runs a little honesty shop near to my Saleroom. Someone has stolen his money and his stock.

"They will probably be too ashamed to return either but if they get to read this I hope it costs them a few nights sleep."

About £40 was stolen from Harry, and his mum said he was planning to use the money to buy Peter Rabbit and Paw Patrol magazines.

She also said they have restocked and hope the thieves do not come back.