BEAUTY salon workers were delighted to be back at work again - some four months after the beginning of lockdown.

Sally Bullock, owner of I-DO-NAILS, a mobile beauty business based in Malvern, said: “The rules are different for me as I work in people’s homes, but I have to carry out a number of checks beforehand, including texting the client the night before to make sure they don’t have any symptoms as well as the usual PPE.

“I can’t sit opposite a person, which makes it tricky and the visor I have to wear creates a barrier which I don’t like - I don’t have a perspex screen to use.

“But all my clients have been extremely loyal, and I want to thank them all and I’m very pleased to be back.”

Christine Wood, owner of The Beauty Spot Malvern, in Bellevue Terrace, said: “Actually, I think the Government has buckled under pressure from business owners and has opened beauty salons too early.

“However, I’m obviously delighted to be back open again - many bars have gone out of business during the lockdown period, but my clients have stuck by me.

“It’s odd, having to carry out treatment with a mask and visor but the number one priority for me is to keep everyone safe.

“I work alone so I’ve always offered a one-on-one service so that makes it even more safe for customers.

“I think there is a contradiction though as I’m not allowed to do work above the neck, such as a full lip wax but barbers can do a beard trim.

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Malvern mayor, Cllr Neil Morton, said: “ It’s good that all the shops are now reopen in Malvern and beauty salons and nail bars provide a place for people to go to feel good about themselves but to also have a chat at the same time.”

Businesses are being asked to keep records of customers and staff to share with NHS Test and Trace if needed.

Employers also have to perform a risk assessment to ensure their premises are Covid secure, and have been asked to display a notice to confirm this to visitors.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said there would be restrictions on “particularly high-risk services” from beauticians.

As directly in front of the face has been deemed the highest risk zone by the Government, face waxing, sugaring, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, facials and make-up application will not be allowed until advice changes.