WORCESTERSHIRE'S director of public health says a small rise in the number of new cases of Covid-19 may not show a worsening situation.

We have previously reported Worcester had, during the week ending July 6, an infection rate of 4.9 cases per 100,000 people, up from 2.9 the week before.

Dr Kathryn Cobain said: “Worcestershire County Council public health teams, work with Public Health England to closely monitor the local cases, rates and trends of Covid-19.

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"We use this detailed, complex data to inform any action needed. In a district, even a small number of new cases will create a significant change in the rate.

"This by itself, is not an indicator of a worsening situation. In this instance, there were only two more cases of Covid-19 than the week before. Our teams don’t only look at these raw numbers, but also constantly assess if the data has statistical meaning and if we need to act.

"To help keep numbers of cases low, it’s important we continue to follow the social distancing and handwashing guidance.

" If you have any symptoms, you should get tested quickly and then self-isolate.”