TRAFFIC measures are being introduced to a county road where a young girl was injured this summer.

Worcestershire County Council has agreed to improve road markings on a stretch of the A449 through Powick, where the girl was hit by a car last month.

She was injured and taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, and experts have since carried out a review of ways they can make the road safer. West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin said residents had expressed their concerns around speed through the village.

She said: "I was contacted by a constituent who was concerned about speeding vehicles through Powick and I am pleased that Worcestershire County Council has acted swiftly to review this matter.

"This is a busy main road and with a primary school close by, there are clearly enhanced risks at peak periods.

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"I hope that the measures that the council is looking to introduce will help motorists to slow down and offer some reassurance to the villagers as well.

"I’ve also asked the police and Safer Roads Partnership to act to identify areas where there is more speeding and I have been reassured that more spot checks are being carried out.

"As traffic conditions return to normal, I am concerned that some people are ignoring speed limits and I urge drivers to consider other road users and moderate their behaviour."

A Worcestershire County Council spokesman said: "Following all Road Traffic Collisions involving pedestrians, our Accident Studies Team carry out a review of the location where the incident took place.

"This is to establish whether the site has a history of similar Police reported incidents.

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"We can confirm that, prior to this incident, there have been no Police reported similar personal injury accidents at this location within the past 20 years.

"Following a site visit, It was decided that additional SLOW markings be introduced on both approaches to the existing pedestrian refuge where the collision occurred, the existing SLOW marking immediately to the northeast of the refuge were to be renewed and new widened solid carriageway edge lines will also be installed.

"Further analysis will take place after the installation to help establish whether these works have had their desired effect on vehicular speeds at this location."

When the accident happened on June 24, the girl was treated for non-life threatening injuries and taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital for further treatment.

She was hit by the car at the junction of Powyke Court Close and Old Malvern Road and one ambulance and a critical care care were sent to the scene.