SWIMMERS and fitness fans in Worcestershire are still waiting for their beloved gyms and swimming pools to re-open.

Fitness and recreations spots have been closed during the lockdown, and West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has called for government action to re-start the struggling industries.

She said: "The return of hairdressers is a much-needed bonus as the Government develops a strategy for helping the economy to unlock and allow us to do many more things in this ‘new-normal’ way of life.

"However, there are some clear anomalies and I’ve asked for Government guidance on what plans there may be to allow swimming, gyms, spa and beauty treatments to resume.

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"If hair can be cut in a ‘covid-safe’ way, I am interested in hearing what the latest thinking is on allowing similar services to return – particularly beauticians who can wear masks to carry out their work, swimming pools where chlorine is used and other healthy activities that bring in billions into the economy.

"Being healthy and a normal weight is a good way to beat the virus too, and as a keen swimmer, I am also eager to hear when pools will be able to be opened again allowing us to exercise in a safe and responsible way."

It is not yet known when the government will allow gyms and leisure centres to re-open, though pubs, restaurants and similar businesses were allowed to re-open on July 4.