A FUNDRAISING campaign has been launched to replace a £10,000 sculpture destroyed by vandals at a nature trail near Worcester.

The sculpture, Eve from The Fold in Bransford, was destroyed on Thursday night (June 25) after vandals tore the sculpture off its plinth and smashed it up.

A Crowdfunding page has been set up for the community to donate cash to replace the 5ft tall statue which overlooked the lake.

Owner William Tooby, said he was “gutted” by the destruction of Eve, adding: “I cherish this land, and I love to share it with everyone, so to see it violated in this way is makes me realise how far we, the human race, have yet to travel.

“I’m pleased so many people have been enjoying this beautiful countryside during the hot weather, but so many visitors have raised concerns, with Eve being smashed and so much litter being left on the land.”

Villagers in Bransford have complained about groups of youngsters parking on the verge by The Bank House Hotel and heading down to the River Teme at The Fold for parties.


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Fold staff have had to clear up litter and other debris left behind, and the vandalism of Eve has further angered the community.

Operations manager Chloe Mackean said: “We all feel very upset by it. Everyone is devastated.

“There’s been so many people using the nature trail, it’s been very popular. However, it’s a different sort of people using it now. People are drinking, having parties and listening to loud music and leaving their litter.

“We are doing our best with litter picking and have installed a donation box in the car park.

“For Eve to be vandalised, after people have been leaving their litter over the whole area, it seems like the last straw.”

Due to the extent of the damage, the statue cannot be repaired, so instead the business is asking contributors to think of an idea for a replacement sculpture.


The team are aiming to raising £5,000. To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/the-fold-cic?

Police are investigating and anyone with information should call 101 quoting incident number 0584S 260620.